chemical-featuredPartnering with manufacturers worldwide, we have the expertise and global infrastructure to connect you with the materials you require. Whether you are looking for chemical materials for food, personal care, fertilizer or industrial applications, cleaning and water treatment or oil and gas we’re here for you.


Product List:

Industrial Personal Care Food and Beverage
Acetonitrile Acrylates Amino Acids
Acetophenone Alcohols Ascorbic Acid
DCPD Citric Acid Citric Acid
d-Limonene EDTAs EDTAs
Ethylene Carbonate Fatty Acids Glycine
Glyoxal Fatty Alcohols Glycerin
Hydrochloric Acid Glycerine Guar Gum
Melamine Glycols Malic Acid
Phosphates Lanolin Polysorbates
Propylene Glycol PEGs Potassium Citrate
Sodium Nitrate Potassium Sorbate Potassium Sorbate
Solvents Sorbic Acid Propylene Glycol
Waxes and Oils Sodium Citrate
Agriculture Sorbic Acid
Boric Acid Oil and Gas Sweeteners
Chelates Aluminum Stearate Tartaric Acid
Citric Acid Calcium Chloride Xanthan Gum
DTPAs Caustic Potash (KOH)
EDDHA Caustic Soda Beads Water Treatment
EDTA Micronutrients Citric Acid Amines
Organic Additives Dispersants Biocides
Phosphates DEAE
Phosphorous Acid DEHA
Potassium Carbonate HEDP
Potassium Chloride Morpholine
Seaweed Extract
Sodium Citrate
Zinc Oxide