Our Team

Brett Johnson

Brett is a 1986 graduate of the University of Minnesota. That same year, he joined Cargill’s commodity merchandising team and spent 4 years in their Idaho and California offices. In 1990 he became a merchandiser for Agri Trading where he specialized in trading dry animal and vegetable by-products. In 2004, Brett became a partner in the ownership team and was named Vice-President. Since that time, he has overseen Agri Trading’s expansion as an industry leader of blended animal fats and oils, procurement and marketing of distiller’s corn oil and the expansion of their transportation fleet to service the upper Midwest. In November of 2017, Brett was named President of Agri Trading, Agri Trading Fats and Oils, Agri Trading Properties and Sterling Logistics.

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John Gordon

John Gordon is the Manager of Rendered Products and current Vice President. He has been a commodities trader since 1993, specializing in rendered products dry and liquid for the feed and pet food business. He handles all types of feedstock for the Bio Diesel and Chemical industry including animal fats and vegetable oils. John is also a current member of American Fats and Oils Board of Directors.

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Jim Weyandt

Jim has 25 years’ experience selling to the feed and energy industries. He also managed a grease collection company. Jim has held a variety of positions in the industry including Marketing Director and Sales Manager.

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Suzanne Korbel

Suzanne joined the fats and oils industry in 2011, bringing 22+ years of experience to the Logistics team. In November 2017 she joined the Merchandising group, specializing in animal fats and vegetable oils. .

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Mariann Helmin

Mariann has been with Agri Trading since 1999. She has experience in many aspects of the day to day operation of Agri Trading. For the past years, Mariann has been the rail car logistics coordinator for domestic and Mexican rail cars.

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